iPad Assignment # 1

How will the iPad change Education

In the article “How will the iPad change education,” the author makes a great point in saying that sometimes by the time books come through publishing and get into our hands or the hands of our students things have been updated and changes have already been made. They are not trying to take all the money away from these companies, but encourage them to sell the programs or rent the programs or the systems out to the schools. Then we can stay informed on what is the newest program and up to date material on the market at all times. The article also talks about real life learning and how we need to be life-long learners, but learning on the go. These devices make learning an easy part of our life and with us where ever we go. They are pushing to make sure that these tools are available, economical and efficient for all learners of all life styles.
Reynolds, R. How will the iPad change education? PBS Teacherline. Professional development for PreK-12 educators. Retrieved from http://www.pbs.org/teacherline/blog/2010/01/how-will-the-ipad-change-education/
Measuring the iPads potential for Education

In the article,”Measuring the iPads potential for education” talks about how everything can be done at home or at school using your iPad technology. In many schools it would be a huge adjustment getting the technology into the schools and the proper training to use these tools, but we are working towards it and that is the shift that education is going to be leaning towards in the 21st century. Students are used to seeing and be exposed to new and updated technology and can run it more than most of us adults the only thing seeming to be stopping them is the price of most of the new technology coming out. The article talks about how the change is coming with more and more technology so we might as well grab a hold of it and run with it. It will be much easier if we go with it than if we try to go against it.

McCrea, B. (2010). Measuring the iPads potential for education. The Journal. Transforming education through technology. Retrieved from http://thejournal.com/articles/2010/01/27/measuring-the-ipads-potential-for-education.aspx

iPad helps Zac talk to his family again

This article is about a young boy who has a debilitating condition which turns muscle to bone at just four years of age and only 800 people around the world have this rare condition. For nearly two months now Zac has not been able to talk to his family. He was given a gift of an iPad at Christmas and is working with the help of speech pathologist to help him learn to someday speak again. He has trouble holding books, pencils working with computers so the one touch slide screen on the iPad is an amazing communication piece and way for Zac to come to life. The gift of communication would make a world of difference for this family all through the use of the iPad.
Vollmer, T. (2010). iPad helps Zac talk to his family again. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved from http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/ipad-helps-zac-talk-to-his-family-again/story-e6freuy9-1225966004783

iPads change the world for kids with special needs

iPads are here for everything and everyone. The article talks about a mom who won an iPad through a five dollar raffle at her school and it helps her nine year old non-verbal son communicate, learn and helps him stay entertained for longer periods of time. There is even an interview from the mother expressing how much this has miraculously changed her and her son’s life. The device itself is much cheaper than other technological devices have been for students with special needs and you don’t need to wait and be approved through insurance to get one. They are saying that the AAC (alternative communication devices) are more expensive, heavier and harder to fix and the iPhones are too small for children to have hands on learning with for the day. If your child is having trouble communicating they are saying the iPads are key for them to start to succeed!
Hattzell, M. (2010). iPad changes the world for kids with special needs. The Stir, a Cafemom Blog. Retrieved from http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/112940/ipad_changes_the_world_for

The iPad-breaking ground for Special Education

For the breaking of the iPad over three million were sold in just 80 days. It was not designed just to help students with disabilities or children with autism, however, it is now starting to give a voice to students with autism and a way for them to communicate to their family and friends. It is helping the voice from within them be heard. They are very cost effective and affordable compared to other communication devices that most times get denied through insurance companies. One very popular program provides natural sounding speech sounds for text-to-speech voices. The pictures, the words, the one finger touch is all a positive and just a few of the perks the iPad has to offer. Many schools are choosing to pilot these devices in their schools and they are now able to do many things that before they could not.
Herbert, M. (2010). The iPad-breaking ground in special education. District Administration. Solutions for School District Management. Retrieved from http://www.districtadministration.com/viewarticle.aspx?articleid=2619

Interesting Ideas for the Class Blogs

In the article of how you can use and incorporate a class blog best in your classroom. First by taking pictures and posting them of your classroom. Explain the different areas in the classroom and how the students are a part of the process and setting up the room. Publish and post your children’s work. Post homework tasks each week.
B, Kristina. (2010). 58 Interesting Ideas for Class Blogs. Retrieved from https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=0AclS3lrlFkCIZGhuMnZjdjVfNzQ5ZnpiczlxYzM

Practical Advice for teaching with Twitter
Practical advice to teach using twitter means that you have to have things organized and you have to make sure your students have access to using it and making it visual. You have to make sure to put information of substance on it and update it frequently and many times throughout. You also can pay close attention to who in the class is using this technology and who is benefitting from you keeping up with it. Make your class expectations clear and be prepared that your students will ask if they are going to be graded for using it.
Sample, M. (2011). Practical Advice for teaching with Twitter. The Chronicle. Retrieved from http://chronicle.com/blogPost/Practical-Advice/26416

Assignment # 2
ABC Print is a great program to help students work on handwriting. It gives them number step-by step instructions on how to make the letters correctly. The program speaks the letter, shows how to trace the letter and has an erase button to help if you need to fix a letter. Sometimes now in class they don’t always want to do the paper and pencil handwriting journals we have planned for them so this would be a little more fun and still get in the basic handwriting.
KidsMathFun is designed for kindergarten type math you can chose if you would like it to be timed and how many problems you would like. It lets you pick right from the start menu, subtraction or addition problems. Then when you go into a problem it gives you three choices of answers across the bottom with one of the choices being the correct answer.
Monkey 123 has different themed scenes and the children have to tap the numbers in the correct sequence 1-10 and then different pictures appear. On the first screen it is a picture of a road and traffic so each number when you tap it turns into a different vehicle. If the children tap the incorrect number in the sequence then it flashes a circle around the correct number so the child can then move on.
Kinder…andpa Is a neat application that allows the child to be read to, to let them read by themselves or for them to listen to the story on auto play. It is a story about a little boy and his grandpa and the title is called “I Like Grandpa”. This is a great book to boost young reader’s confidence to read with the iPad.
123 Tracer is a program where students can trace the numbers, count numbers, or pop numbers. They also can add or subtract numbers. This program is very adaptable to many learners whether they are just starting to write numbers, or if they are ready to subtract numbers as well.
Kids combo is a very simple one word to match a picture book. They have different themes such as fruits, vehicles, birds for animals for young learners to read. They also could use this to create their own animal book or bird book. This program can help them think of ideas and help with spelling.
Alphabet Car allows a child to select a car and pick a stage to drive on. When they are driving they need to help spell simple three letter words. They have to rotate the iPad and pretend they are driving and they can control the speed. The word is on the top of the screen and then they need to find the letters in the correct order to spell the word. Then when it is spelled correctly the word matches with a picture.
Kindergarten has writing and reading program within it. With the writing they can practice the alphabet or numbers. They can also read the numbers. For example the letter Aa card will show them a picture of an ant, an apple, and an airplane so they can associate pictures with the letters.
First Word gives children three to four letter first word puzzles. It has the word in dark letters under a picture of the word and then the pieces of the puzzles scattered around and the child has to match the letter on top of the correct letter to form the word.
Moofy Pattern is a great program for helping children recognize and understand what comes next in a pattern. They are given three choices of what can come next. They also can start with a number order on a caterpillar so that students understand what is missing and then the pattern moves onto shapes colors and if they complete one level they can move up to the next and they keep getting more challenging as the level goes up until they get to the challenge.

Personal Apps.
Facebook It is so convenient to stay in touch with friends and families. It is nice to be able to post pictures of family and friends and with a clip of a button to be able to get right into your facebook account and by passing all of the log ins and passwords. It is fast easy and efficient to fit our busy life style.
Craigsphone I often want to post items on craigslist or search for garage sales or upcoming events in my area. Having this be one click of a button away it makes it fast and efficient when I have my own two little ones to tend to.
App shopper This is a click of a button to help find an app you may be looking for with avoiding the app store. This shopper allows you to sort applications by cost and category. I have mine set to having the applications pop up with the free ones first so I have opportunities and programs to pick from.
Toy Story I like this app for my 3 year old daughter, it will read the book for her, or I can record myself reading it to her. She is so sweet and asks to read the iPad at night!
Fruit Ninja I really enjoy playing this particular game after a long day at work. It is easy and simple, but I liked trying to increase my score. If you slice many fruits in a row then you get extra bonus points. My 3 year old also likes playing the game, she especially likes the music and to try for the bombs because it whites out the entire page and you start again, that is her favorite part!

Assignment #3
For this I chose to show the class Moofy Patterns this is a concept that is continually worked on in kindergarten. We started with number sense and numberal order, and move to colors, shapes, ABC patterns to more difficult AABBAA patterns through the years. This app has many variations of patterning.

Assignment # 4
Audio Books
Miss Bindergarten Celebrates Kindergarten. I would use this as an introductory book andI could have it playing when my kindergarteners come for open house in the falla few days before school starts. I couldalso have the children listen to it on the first day of kindergarten. Many of them really enjoy the listeningcenter and having books read to them.
Slate, J. 1996 MissBindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten. Penguin young readers group. Retrievedfrom Adible.com
The second audio book that I chose to upload is the Webster’sDictionary. It is very confienet to havea dictionary on hand when you need to look something up whether it may be formy own classroom or just something on my own to look up.

Webster’s New World Dictionary. Version 3.0 (2011)

Assignment # 5
Kindergarten-Getting your child ready for kindergarten. I chose this important iTunes U becauseKindergarten is such an important year for young students and families for some it is their first timein schools and it is important to start it off positive right from the start. The program explains whatparents can do to help get their child ready for kindergarten. Children must be five years old by Sept.1, they also need to be up to date on all of their immunizations, and lastly they must have an earlychildhood screening at the age of three or four.

Parents can help by making sure their child is fed appropriately and getting plenty of sleep. We wantparents to know what is going to be expected of their child in kindergarten. It gives examples of whatwe would like them to know before coming to school such as colors, or shapes. It explains to parentshow important reading, talking , and singing is for your child. I believe it is such an important video forparents to see what is expected of them and their child in the upcoming kindergarten year!
Assignment # 6

Liz Holmes
Assignment # 7
I really see a huge impact of the iPad in education and inthe future all around. I truly believethat this opportunity is really going to take off especially for children withspecial needs. This is a great way to bea voice for many children who feel so trapped. I really think that this is going to be the new wave of the future. There are so many apps and it is unbelievableto see and know what is out there and how it can help enhance concepts that ourstudents may be struggling with.

I plan to use my iPad for my daughter a ton more. It is a reward for her and right now my sonis in therapy and it is so convient to have something small, portable, andefficient and fun for her to work on while he is in therapy. I am super excited to use this as a literacycenter idea and place for my students in my classroom in the fall.

I really appreciate the shout-out for apps especially becauseso many of us are in early childhood and kindergarten and it is so important toshare all of our apps and how we can better meet the needs of the students andreally pin point concepts together to benefit our students. I also really want to thank you so much forbeing able to share the video I had today because many of my apps were the sameas many early education apps, it was so nice for me to be able to sharesomething so passionate to me (Autism) and relate how important technology isfor them and hope that schools will really look into purchasing these for theirstudents to give them a voice. My app Iwas going to share was on patterns because patterns is such a continuousconcept for kindergarten students. Ireally enjoyed the class and can’t wait to have more time to play and exploremy iPad.