Starfall is a great website that I currently use in my classroom for reading, letter identification, letter sounds. It has many theme based activites and holiday centered ideas. This website is an awesome website because they can listen to sounds books orally.

It is awesome to have students connect to familiar characters and be able to explore science, coloring, letters and drawing and dress-up. This is a very rewarding yet positive learning reward for students to earn during a technology classroom time.

Tumble Books is an awesome interactive reading program for students to have them be read to or you can put it up on the screen and use it for a whole group lesson. You can look up books by theme, word families or titles. It is a website that my school district has purchased and it shows the words for the students as it reads along with them.

MathwireThis is an awesome standards based math learning site. My district is going towards Standards based learning! One favorite game of mine on here is the face off game it has two versions and you can still modify it to fit all the needs of your students.

Jessica Meacham is a dedicated teacher and is constantly adding and updating her website, I especially like to use it for my mini-lessons during my writers workshop!
Jessica Meacham