Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Creating A Card using KidPix
Date: 1-8-11 Timeframe of Lesson:45 minutes
Author(s):Liz Holmes
KidPix authorCraig Hickman
School District: Oshkosh Area School District
Subject Area(s): Writing and Art
Grade Level(s)/Course Kindergarten
State Standards
Standard # 1
The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines she or he teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for pupils.
Standard # 4
The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies, including the use of technology, to encourage children's development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.
Subject Specific:

Work on learning how to write to someone special and exposing them to different types of art using the KidPix program.

Technology Specific: http://dpi.wi.gov/imt/itlstfst.html
Or the info.pdf file in the Lesson Folder.
Stated Objective(s)
Students create a Christmas card for someone special using pictures and words using at least 3 tools in the KidPix.
Procedures for Lesson
1. Read the Jolly Postman to the class discussing how fun it is to receive letters and cards from special people.
2.Children then brainstorm to their buddy who they are going to write their card too.
3. Then children are assigned computers and workspace with white boards to do some pre-writing first.
4.Teacher will show demonstrate the tools found within the KidPix program. Especially to show them where they can find some holiday additions of the program.
5.After the new holiday demos the students will have a chance to practice the tool that was shown.
6. When all demonstrations have been completed, the students will be create a card using pictures and words and they will be reminded to use at least three of the tools located in the program. One of the tools must be the text tool used for writing. If they would like to write their words on the white board first before typing that is what they will be encouraged to do.
Assessment or Evaluation
Teacher will go around and observe students' work and will help if the child needs some assistance with the use of the program. I will have them print out their final work completed at the end of the 45 min time period and I will observe to see if the student has used at least 3 of the tools from the KidPix program and one being the text tool.
Students are encouraged to use more than 3 tools in KidPix. They will also have the opportunity to pair and share there pictures with their peers. For some students I would encourage them to write more than one sentence on their card starting to make it more like a letter. If they finish early they will be encouraged to make more than one especially those that have parents living in different houses.
KidPix software, Individual school computers, projector for teacher computer. Jolly Postman Book By: Allan Alhberg, whie boards, markers, and erasers.

Technology Resources: KidPix 4, 22 computers, printers, projector for teacher computer

Other Resources: white boards, markers, and erasers, The Jolly Postman Book. (by Allan Alhberg)